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Strange Error Message


Strange Error Message

Hi All,

I get a strange error message when I try to import an Excel spreadsheet. I amusing Excel 2007 and ArborText 5.3. I copy in Excelby dragging the cursor as required. I click the copy button on menu barthe since there is not a traditional menu in 2007 and I leave Excel open when I switch to Arbortext. I get the following error:

The specified file or worksheet was not found. Note: CJK filenames are not supported using Excel 97. CJK worksheet names are not supported using Excel 2000 or earlier.

Any ideas?

Ginger Shew-Stuckey


Odd, I'm getting this error today as well.


Could this be related to the Digital Rights Management problem that caused us to be unable to open files saved in an Office 2007 app? Seems there was a problem with accessing the necessary "certificates"(?), for which we received a "hotfix" from Microsoft. Couldn't open the files with Office 2003 apps until after the "fix".

Steve Thompson

We're trying to generate a PDF from a very large XML document - about 20 Mbytes in size. We're using PE 5.3 patch M040 and using the direct-to-PDF method. After churning for a while, PE gives up with this message:

! typesetting paragraphs not yet allowed.
<everypar> ... paragraphs not yet allowed}

<to be=" read=" again=">
l.1 <
?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?

You should correct your document before previewing or printing again.

The document opens in the editor and passes check completeness without a problem. I've tried to isolate the problem by deleting about 5 Mbytes from the file and it then runs successfully. But, if I restore those 5 Mbytes and delete another 5 MByte chunk, it also runs successfully. So, it seems to fail only when the document is complete.

Anyone have any idea how I can pinpoint the problem better than this message? Is it possibly too big for PE?


If you have Print Composer around somewhere, you can use Print Preview to view the TeX DVI file and sometimes get better error messages. In any case, Print Preview is much faster than creating PDF, so you can use your cut/restore/replace method to isolate the offending passage much easier than trying to make PDF over and over.
I know nothing about PE, so if you can't use Print Composer, perhaps PE has a much-faster Print Preview function that you can use as well.

I can't compose 15,000 pages with a medium amount of gentext and lots of wmf line art on a 5.4 PE. Fed-Ex'd it to PTC today.

When the Windows heap area (small amounts of special memory) run out, that's it. You can adjust them a little, but not enough to work and too much makes the server so unstable it will crash before long. And it is not the kind of memory you can add more to. For that matter, Windows is only going to give you 2GB per program even if you have 64GB RAM installed.

That's the bad news.

The good news is I don't recognize your error messages!

I get fatal errors like these after four or five hours:

General XPath error

Session terminated unexpectedly

Java heap error

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