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Toolbar Command Alias


Toolbar Command Alias

I have just upgraded to Arbortext 6.0 M010. We use an aliasFilePrintPreview command to execute an ACL script when the Print Preview icon is clicked on the Edit toolbar.

This all worked great in Arbortext 5.x. I have checked the file to make sure that I have the correct command for Print Preview and I have also check the editwindow.xml file to verify the toolbar command. It still says FilePrintPreview.

If I modify the editwindow.xml file to execute the script it works fine but that will change it for the entire application and I need it to be doctype specific. I have also tried to alias the id Toolbar_Preview but still no luck.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Sarah-

If you take a closer look at editwindow.xml, you'll see that they have
changed the alias for the toolbar button (but NOT for the menu item;
which means that in 6.0 they are out of sync).

The alias called by the toolbar button is now FilePrintPreviewNoPrompt.
Try aliasing that as well as FilePrintPreview and see if that fixes it
for you.

That worked beautifully but I still don't know how it worked.

I can't find where it says FilePrintPreviewNoPrompt in the editwindow.xml file. I even did a search and it's not returning anything.

Thanks so much for your help.


Do you have multiple copies of Arbortext installed? If so, make sure
you're looking at the right copy of editwindow.xml.


Clay Helberg

Senior Consultant


Yes I do have 2 versions of Arbortext installed a 5.2 and a 6.0.

I did a file system search and I do have 2 editwindow.xml files but they both show the same thing. I guess I'm going crazy.

I've attached them both, tell me what I'm missing?? J!


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