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Toolbar popup menu


Toolbar popup menu

I am using version 5.3. Currently a user can right click on the menu bar and a popup menu appears that lets them hide/show the different toolbars. Is there a way to turn off this popup or capture a change. I need to do this because there is a bug where if certain buttons on the Edit toolbar are removed using dlgitem_withdraw (such as Preview), they reappear if the toolbar is hidden and then reshown. Thanks.


It has been a long time since I played with 5.3 and/or modifying menus, so
cavet emptor with this.

A couple of things to look at if you don't get a better answer.

First, play with the 'menu_delete' command (help 9123). I am not real sure
this will do anything for popup menus though.

Second, open up the '' file in the epic-path\bin folder. There
are two places where the 'toolbar' choices can be made. First is in the the
'view' menu>toolbars and the other is further down that brings up the popup
menu. You could comment the popup out and see what that does. I don't really
recommend this approach as the menus are a core feature of Epic (though they
can be modified).

Lastly, check and see if the function 'toolbarlist' is an ACL supported
feature in 5.3 (it is part of the 'epiccore.dll' in 5.4 and later. If it is
an ACL function in 5.3, you may be able to modify it. I have a nice file
grep program, so finding that string wasn't difficult.

Regardless of which route you take, you may need to have some kind of
callback to make sure things don't get reset as you see happening now.
Actually you might be able to capture the 'unhide' event and do the
dlgitem_withdraw again.

I'm just thinking and none of these may work.


Hi John--

I don't have 5.3 installed, but on 6.0, it works to redefine the ToolbarMenu command alias to some null operation, something like this:

alias ToolbarMenu {}

Hopefully this will work similarly in 5.3.


Thanks. Setting the alias turned it off.

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