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XML Document examination


XML Document examination


I'm working in a XML document examination, the idea is to perform a walk
trough the document and identify certain parts in it. We are trying
interactively step through the document highlighting various sections,
and maybe prompt the user for a designed action. All this functionality
implemented and running inside Arbortext. However I'm pretty new in
Arbortext and I feel confused about the recommended tools in order to
achieve our goal.

I don't know if it's better to think the implemenation all based on ACL,
or if it's better using javascript, or maybe "mixing" both of them. I
have been working in an example using oid_find_children and
implementing a simple content extractor.

So please all help, support and advice you can provide me, I really
really appreciate it!


Hi there,

You will find people on this list tend to use all of these things to a different degree: ACL, Javascript and Java. For large, complicated or "enterprisey" systems Java tends to be preferred.

For simple or straightforward solutions you could use ACL or Javascript. The good news is regardless of what language you use there is an "escape hatch" to ACL if you find a limit in the API for that language.

A lot of this might depend on your or your organisation's preferred development environment. If I was in your shoes, I'd probably pick what I was most comfortable with. Either Java + your preferred GUI toolkit or ACL + XUI. BTW if you have ever done much Perl you should find ACL pretty comfortable to work with.