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XML Schema 1.1


XML Schema 1.1


Those of you privileged to go to the annual Arbortext meetings might be able to answer this question: When will Arbortext Editor/PE support XML Schema 1.1? I believe the standard is in final draft stage as of 12/2009. Some vendors, such as Saxon, already support many features of the standard.

If there have been any announcements of this support, please let me know.

Dave Hintz


Anyone know when Arbortext Editor will support XML Schema 1.1? I added a simple 1.1 new feature to our schema and AE 6.0, patch M070 didn't like it.


I have no insight on the timetable for XML Schema 1.1 support in Editor,
but in the meantime, you might have a look at the Schematron support in
Editor 6.0 to see if it might serve your needs.

As I recall, this feature is not as tightly integrated as the Schema
support, so it would probably come in the form of a periodic check, such as
pre-save or on-demand, rather than the ongoing checks performed by Editor
as you work. As a stopgap, though, it may get you closer to where you want
to be while you wait for Schema 1.1 support.

In the interests of maintaining Schema 1.1 validation as a goal, you may
want to look at this "XSD to Schematron" tool [1]. There may be others
like it available. The idea here would be to "compile" the Schema into a
set of Schematron rules that performs the same checks. I don't know how
much of XML Schema this tool supports, or whether it includes any of 1.1,
but it might serve as a starting point.

For your purposes, you might use a similar approach (or just a manual
process) that converts to Schematron only those parts of the Schema that
Editor does not yet support, such that your Schematron validation pass
would assume an input document that is in compliance with the rest of the
Schema and only check for violations of those additional constraints.

Schematron is very open ended and therefore provides a sort of superset of
schema languages, functionality-wise. Therefore, it should be able to
encode almost any constraint. The downside of that power is that it is
very difficult - possibly impossible in the general case - to implement
efficient incremental checking of such constraints in the fashion of
Editor's support for Schema, thus the value of keeping as much as possible
in Schema and only resorting to Schematron where necessary.

-Brandon 🙂


Sounds interesting, but we're deeply entrenched in XML Schema. The Oxygen people just announced full support of XML Schema 1.1 in their latest release. I guess I'll open a PTC case and ask the question. It used to be nice when Arbortext folks participated in this forum...

In case you were wondering (PTC response):

"... we don't currently have this planned on our roadmap, as it entails a significant amount of change to Editor's infrastructure. It's on our request list, but not slated for any future release."

Interestingly, I attended a Webinar yesterday by Syncro Soft demonstrating full support of XML Schema 1.1 in Oxygen Editor 14.2. This seems rather short-sighted on PTC's part...