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XUI - cannot resize down or get vertical scrollbar


XUI - cannot resize down or get vertical scrollbar

Greetings all,

I am having an issue with display of an XUI dialog. In my dialog, I have a tabpanel with many checkboxes. The vertical size of the dialog is bigger than the vertical size of my monitor, so the bottom of the dialog is not displayed on-screen. I cannot resize the dialog smaller or create a dialog with a vertical scrollbar to allow me to access the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

Does anyone have suggestions? I am using the acl script below to display the dialog, test_resize.xml. I have tried variations of the second parameter to window_create() to experiment with flag options, but am not getting any joy. I also tried playing around with the resize attribute for the various window elements.

$doc = doc_open('c:/dev/doc/shared/templates/epic5_3/scripts/test_resize.xml',0x001, 1);
$win = window_create('xui', 0x1, $doc);
window_show($win, 1);

Here are the contents of the test_resize.xml file:

<window height="100" title="Test" width="100" enabledocking="right" resize="both" id="main_window">
<box pack="center" orient="vertical" resize="both">
<tabbox id="tabbox" resize="both">
<tabpanel id="panel1" label="Panel1" pack="start" orient="vertical" resize="both">
<label label="L1" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="11" id="aa"/">
<checkbox label="12" id="ab"/">
<checkbox label="13"&lt;br"/> id="ac"/>
<checkbox label="14" id="ba"/">
<checkbox label="15" id="bb"/">
<checkbox label="16" id="bc"/">
<checkbox label="17" id="bd"/">

<label label="L2" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="21" id="ca"/">
<checkbox label="22" id="cb"/">
<checkbox label="23" id="cc"/">

<label label="L3" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="31" id="da"/">
<checkbox label="32" id="db"/">
<checkbox label="33" id="dc"/">
<checkbox label="34" id="dd"/">
<checkbox label="35" id="de"/">
<checkbox label="36" id="df"/">
<checkbox label="37" id="dg"/">
<checkbox label="38" id="dh"/">

<label label="L4" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="41" id="ea"/">

<label label="L5" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="51" id="fa"/">
<checkbox label="52"&lt;br"/> id="fb"/>
<checkbox label="53" id="fc"/">
<checkbox label="54" id="fd"/">

<label label="L6" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="61" id="ga"/">
<checkbox label="62" id="gb"/">
<checkbox label="63" id="gc"/">
<checkbox label="64" id="gd"/">
<checkbox label="65" id="ge"/">

<label label="L7" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="71" id="ha"/">
<checkbox label="72" id="hb"/">
<checkbox label="73" id="hc"/">
<checkbox label="74" id="hd"/">
<checkbox label="75" id="he"/">
<checkbox label="76" id="hf"/">
<checkbox label="77" id="hg"/">

<label label="L8" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="81" id="ia"/">
<checkbox label="82" id="ib"/">
<checkbox label="83" id="ic"/">

<label label="L9" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="91" id="ja"/">

<label label="L10" fontweight="bold"/">
<checkbox label="101" id="ka"/">
<checkbox label="102" id="kb"/">
<checkbox label="103" id="kc"/">
<checkbox label="104" id="kd"/">
<checkbox label="105" id="ke"/">
<checkbox label="106" id="kf"/">
<checkbox label="107" id="kg"/">
<checkbox label="108" id="kh"/">
<checkbox label="109" id="ki"/">
<checkbox label="110" id="kj"/">

<tabpanel id="panel2" label="Panel2" pack="start" orient="vertical" resize="both">
<checkbox label="211" id="aaa"/">
<checkbox label="212" id="aab"/">
<checkbox label="213" id="aac"/">


<box orient="horizontal" resize="both">
<button label="Apply" id="apply" ev:event="apply">
<script ev:event="domactivate" ev:propagate="continue"&lt;br"/> type="application/x-javascript">
// do something here

<button label="Cancel" type="cancel">
<script ev:event="domactivate" ev:propagate="continue"&lt;br"/> type="application/x-javascript"> var dialog = Application.event.view.window;


Any help is appreciated.



Hi Mark-

If you include a groupbox element around your really tall tabbox
content, you can set the scroll attribute to "vertical" and that should
do the trick. (Don't forget to set the orient attribute to "vertical",
too, as it's horizontal by default.)


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