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awkward deletes


awkward deletes

Multiple, successive deletes are awkward with both the mouse and the delete key on the right side of the keyboard (sometimes not practical to select multiple times for one delete) - is it possible to designate a delete key on the left side of the keyboard?


Creating shortcut keys is not possible that I'm aware of.

Depending on your need however, you could use a macro to simplify. Basically, run a loop until the user right-clicks. Each time the user uses the left-click, the selected object is deleted.

after looking at both your suggestions it appears that i must create macros using something other than the macro tool included in foundation - is this the only answer - if so, how can i learn this 'macro' language?

I believe the macro language is the same between Foundation and CADProcess with the exception of 3D commands.

For help with the macro language there is fair documentation under the help menu as well as a macro forum. I'd recommend posting what exactly you are attempting to do. A number of us monitor the forum and often provide working macros when possible.

Below is the macro code to do one of my suggestions. This macro will all you to run it, and as long as you left-click, it will delete whatever you select. To exit, right-click. If you need help with loading the macro please check the macro forum for assistance.

Macro Continuous_Delete
Define E1 as Element
Define Clicky as MouseEvent
Define X_Axis as Float
Define Y_Axis as Float

Message "Left-click to delete. Right-click to end.

While (Clicky.Click <> 2)

#Wait for mouse click.
Clicky = Wait MouseClick

#Set coordinates for selection based on click location.
X_Axis = Clicky.ptmm.x
Y_Axis = Clicky.ptmm.y

#Select. Note that based on current setting, it will select groups. Add "Direct" to end of string to select within groups.
Select at X_Axis Y_Axis

#Delete selection.
Delete Selection

End While

Message "Done."

End Macro

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