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checkboxes in XUI toolbar


checkboxes in XUI toolbar

Has anyone had a xui toolbar on the main edit window that has any checkbox components? If so, is there a way from acl to toggle whether or not the component is checked? I am able to get the checkbox to display on the toolbar, but I can't control the checked status of it from acl. It toggles itself when pressed, but I need to control it since the same acl command it calls is also called from a menu item. According to the Customizer's Guide,
For example, if the XUI document contains the following checkbox element:
<checkbox id="full" label="Full" menus&quot;="/>
you can use dlgitem_set(win, ’full’, ’VALUE’, 1) to mark the check box as checked.

This doesn't work for me, though. Any ideas?


Brian Jensen

Hello, I have the same problem. I try to do it within Epic 5.2. I use Java.

toolbar_ = window.loadComponentFile(toolbarPath);

I want to check and uncheck the checkbox when the corresponding toggle menu item is selected.

But I've got acl id of this toolbar_ equal to -1, that's why I can't use dlgitem_set, because the id of toolbar_ is incorrect (negative).


Try calling dlgitem_* using the ACL ID of the window to which you've attached the toolbar.



I am able to hide my checkbox within toolbar.

Acl.func("window_load_component_file",String.valueOf(window.getAclId()),toolbarPath) ;

Acl.func("dlgitem_set", String.valueOf(window.getAclId()), "Toolbar_TRCheckInterAct", "visible", "0");


Acl.func("dlgitem_set", String.valueOf(window.getAclId()), "Toolbar_TRCheckInterAct", "VALUE", "1");

does not work.

Is there an alternative way to check the checkbox?

BTW, when I've made a simple dialog window via createDialogFromFile call with a single check box, the pair "VALUE",1" worked fine.

If you look at the help topic for dlgitem_set(), under 'Dialog Item Specific Attributes', you'll see this:

ON — An integer (zero or non-zero) representing the check status of a checkbox menu item or checkbox toolbar button.

I haven't tried it myself, but that's probably it.


Hello, Chris!

Thank you very much. The pair "ON", "1" works - the checkbox becomes checked.

BTW, I have not found the item ON in the Arbortext Editor 5.2 chm help (the screenshot has been attached).

Perhaps, you have copied ON item description from Arbortext Editor 6.x help.

Yes, that's probably it. 5.2 has been out of support for several years now. I believe the oldest still-supported version is 5.4. Regardless, I'm glad you got it working!


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