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compose>html help not using .dcf to chunk .chm


compose>html help not using .dcf to chunk .chm


I thought that the ElementOption division entries in the DCF controlled the
chunking of HTML Help just as it controls (or, as I think it controls) the
creation of PDF bookmarks. However, when I removed the ElementOption for an
element currently chunking from the .DCF, subsequent compose>HTML Help runs
still produced a .CHM with the content in that "former" division element
chunked/expandable/collapsable ... I expected it to be just "content" in the
next higher division.

I have fully closed Editor between DCF edits.

Am I missing something?

I am using Editor 5.2 m050. (To get the PDF bookmarks, I have to run it on
PE where we use Direct PDF.) I am also using an xsl stylesheet exported from
Styler (and modified) to produce HTML Help. I use a Styler stylesheet to
produce PDFs.

Paul Nagai

I just found I have some control via hhchunk.xml in custom/composer,
however, this is by way of this entry:
<element name="chapter" abbrev="ch" depth="3"/">

If I change depth to 2, chunking behavior changes for elements below
chapter. The specific element I'm trying to prevent from chunking is 2
levels below chapter. When depth="3" it is chunked. When depth="2" neither
it nor its parent (1 level below chapter) are chunked. 2.5? 😉

hhchunk.xml does affect HTML Help TOCs but wasn't the right path for my
problem. The "correct" answer for me is modifying the HTML Help XSL
stylesheet. I have to remove this:
xmlns:ch=" ch:class="chapter"

From this:


On the template matching the element I'm removing from the TOC/chunking.

To remove the element from the PDF bookmarks I have to format the table of
contents, customize the table of contents (I am using Division Titles, 5th
level), and deselect the "title in myelement".


HOWEVER, it is odd, my test file has two chapters. In the first chapter, all
chapter children properly appear (and no grandchildren). I the second
chapter, it works too except that the first child is not included in the PDF
bookmarks. The content is visible in the chapter ... AHA got it. I had a
FOSI edit on title in myelement (which is a good reason to never use FOSI
edits). myelement, the grandchild, was overwriting the value of the bookmark
saved for the child in that FOSI edit.

Really working.

Thanks for letting me talk 😉

In 5.2 (and 5.3), Styler chunks everything styled as a division up to
the specified nesting level (that's nesting in the resulting pre-chunked
HTML, not in the source XML). If you don't want a certain element to
start a chunk, try styling it as something other that a division if
feasible (it may not be feasible if it has a title you want put into
ToCs and bookmarks).

In our next release, you will have much more control over chunking
directly via the Styler UI.


Thanks for the idea, Paul. It may *not* need to be a division anymore. I'm
looking forward to 5.4 for lots of reasons.