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custom ACL functions running on PE server


custom ACL functions running on PE server


We recently upgraded to PE 5.4 M100 from 5.3 M040. I have a custom ACL function that have running on the PE server, that is kicked off by an HTTP request from a servlet.

Anyway, this function ran just fine on the 5.3 PE server. Since upgrading to 5.4, I cannot get the function to run.

It returns the following error to the diagnostic window:

22:33:56 [http-8080-1] INFO e3.XHtmlErrorPage - (pid=7272) Error 0x80042201 source='Epic.Acl.1' desc='Error parsing command string:
e3cessna::cleanup( "book","testpub", 'D:\Tomcat 6.0\temp\activ...
[A11345] Undefined package name: e3cessna::cleanup(' msg='IDispatch error #8193'.

Anyway, I have the app set up in the e3config.xml as follows:

<clientfunction pattern="e3apptest::testapp" type="acl"/>
<clientfunction pattern="e3appsave::appsave" type="acl"/>
<clientfunction pattern="e3cessna::*" type="acl"/>
<clientfunction pattern="com.arbortext.*" type="java"/>
<clientfunction pattern="E3AppTest" type="javascript"/>
<clientfunction pattern="E3AppTest" type="vbscript"/>

I also tried setting the pattern to "e3cessna::cleanup" specifically, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Has anyone else run across this problem?

Hi Jason-

My guess is that PE is not loading your e3cessna.acl package file for
some reason.

You might try getting on the PE box and running PE interactive, to see
if it can load that script correctly. You may get an error message that
indicates why it fails, or if nothing happens, you can check the session
attributes to make sure it is seeing the custom directory you want it to


Clay Helberg

Senior Consultant


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