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help migrating HTML Help XSL from 5.3 to 6.0


help migrating HTML Help XSL from 5.3 to 6.0

Has anyone done this?

Using the 5.3 XSL stylesheet originally exported from a 5.3 .style file but
then forked and modified independently from the .style, I am getting an
11KB .chm file that opens but has no apparent content. The left-hand TOC
pane is empty. The right-hand content pane displays "The page cannot be
displayed" error. The final two lines of the error page say:
Cannot find server or DNS error
Internet Explorer

Viewing source I see the meta/title is: Cannot find server

I have re-exported a working 6.0 .style file (upgraded from the 5.3 .style)
to htmlhelp XSL but that stylesheet fails in the same way as noted above.

I am able to make a .chm using a generic 6.0 Styler session and an
axdocbook XML instance against both an axdocbook .style and an .xsl
exported from the .style so I do have properly wired up HTML Help at that

(For some reason I can't get File > Publish > For HTML Help to appear. I
have been issuing "composehtmlhelp" from the command line after setting
peservices=off. I do not think this is related to the empty .chm problem
but who knows? FWIW: I have verified that my .dcf has <compose<br/>type="htmlhelp"></compose> in it.)

Interesting, I just ran my non-axdocbook XML against the exported axdocbook
.xsl stylesheet and got output. Weird. Maybe I'll see if I can just cut and
paste my relevant templates into a copy of the axdocbook stylesheet and
tune up the output which, of course, is not complete or correct using the
axdocbook stylesheet.

Any thoughts welcome.

Paul Nagai

I'm pretty sure there are enough underlying changes to HTML Help
composition between 5.3 m110 and 6.0 m010 that IF I continue to use an XSL
to produce HTML Help output, I'm going to be better off deleting all HTML
Help source edits and re-exporting a new XSL stylesheet. I will need to
look into whether I can produce the HTML Help output without having to
export a stylesheet (or whether I should do some Styler HTML Help coding
before exporting an XSL).

Refactoring is not a bad thing ...

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