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inserting graphic adds unwanted text to entity name


inserting graphic adds unwanted text to entity name


I'm working with a new dtd (38784LEG-BV6a) supplied by a customer and I just began inserting the newly finalized graphics into the sgml file and am experiencing some odd behavior. When I insert the graphic element (I have the browser set to search the graphics path which is a network directory), I select the file, hit OK and it inserts the file but always adds the text "graphic" in front of the filename. In other words, if I select the file "fig1-1.eps" from the repository, it inserts the tag <graphic boardno="graphic23-1-011"> in the text and the notation in the header of the file reads: .

Why is it doing this? and is there a way to make it stop?


K McCain


Since you are using the Entity method of referencing graphics, I am
pretty sure that entity names must begin with an alpha character, not a
numeric one. It could be Arbortext trying to "help" you by fixing the
entity name.

What repository are you using?

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC


Yes. I've determined that is exactly what it is doing. Some of the graphics have names that begin with an alpha and some are purely numeric so everything was going fine until I hit those numerically named graphics and then I got confused because it was inserting the extra text into the entity name. I suppose as long as the filename is correct it will work.

Is there a different way that I should be entering them? I've seen discussions here about entity vs filename methods but I'm pretty new to Arbortext. I've tried reading the online documentation about this, and it just wasn't clear to me.



I'm surprised the Editor lets you compile your doctype with those
numeric entity names, or maybe it compiles them by automagically
inserting the "graphic" preceding the numeric entity names. If you are
using a SGML doctype, which it appears you are, and you have a lot of
entities, it can really slow things down when recompiling your doctype
for changes. If you have a lot of graphics, I think it is better to use
the filename method for resolving graphics. However, this may involve
making some significant infrastructure changes, such as reposing all of
your graphics in one or two network directories. This would be
necessary in order to use a common value for the APTGRPATH environment

If you want to switch to the filename method, edit your doctype DCF file
to change the graphic element in the specials section to use the
"filename" attribute name instead of the "entity" attribute name.

i.e. <specials>

<graphic element="graphic" filename="boardno"/>...


If you have an APTGRPATH environment variable, you only have to put the
graphic filename as the value of the graphic/@boardno. Otherwise, you
have to put the entire path in there.

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