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table support for custom doctype


table support for custom doctype

Hi -

I am new to Epic (am using 5.3) and have been tasked to convert some legacy manuals to sgml using the NAVSEAC2.dtd for my custom doctype. I cannot get tables to display using this dtd. I'm pretty sure the tagging is valid because I can cut and paste my tables into a blank document using the milspec.dtd and they display in the edit window. So I've been doing that in order to check my table formatting for now.

What would I require to display tables for my custom doctype? Also, does anyone know of a print fosi for the navsea dtd? I am trying to create one for it for my own use and have managed to get most of the text and graphics to output sort of OK by sheer trial and error, but again, the tables are just rows of text.

Thanks for any information.


You can probably google up a FOSI for that DTD, if you can't get one
from whomever gave you the DTD. The DTD probably references the CALS
table or the SOEX table, so you would need to have that DTD or element
file somewhere where Epic can find it and resolve the tags. If you have
a document conforming to the DTD and it has table markup in it, Epic
should complain when you open it, if it's not valid. If it's valid and
you can't see the table grid, check your view table markup settings and
make sure that view table markup is not checked.

You might also need to enable the default table model in your custom
doctype's DCF file.

It's a set of attributes under the <option> element. First is
"defaultTableModel", which should be set to a value of "cals". The
other is "tableSupport", which should be set to "yes".

Check these values, set them if they aren't already, and that may fix
your issue.




I obtained the dtd from the navy website and the only fosi is a very old one, I did try loading it but it didn't help my table problem. I am using it as the basis to build my new fosi.

The dtd contains the table markup elements (tgroup, thead, entry, etc) and does not contain any external reference to cals tables. The dtd compiles without errors and when I load my document instance there are no errors. I've done a completeness check and no errors there either. There was no .dcf file so I created one using an example and added the Options for tablesupport and defaultTableModel, but it has no effect when I load the document. Do I need to do something special with the file other than put it in the same folder with my dtd? I recompiled the dtd just to be sure and still no table grids.

I've checked my preferences and cannot find "view table markup" or am I looking in the wrong place? I've only been using Epic for a few weeks so I'm not familiar with everything yet and I'm sure I'm missing something. I wouldn't think that it was a preferences issue, though, since I can see table grids fine in any of the built-in doctypes or does Arbortext save preferences based on doctype?

Thank you all for your help. Can anyone think of something else I can try? has anyone here used the navseac2 dtd before?

The view table markup selection is under the View menu, then Tables, and
then there is a Table Markup selection that should NOT have a check mark
in front of it.

I was looking at a copy of the navseac2 DTD that I found at a Navy
website. I don't know if it's the same one you are using. In any case,
it looks like there are two table elements: table and chart. Because of
this, I think you will need to define custom table models in the DCF
file for both of those elements. You should use tbody for the table
tag, since Arbortext seems to want a row element directly inside of the
table element. See the Arbortext Editor help for defining custom
tables. It's Help 7613 in Editor 5.2. (enter help 7613 on the Arbortet
command line)

The table model in the navseac2 dtd is supposed to be the CALS table model, but it's missing a line:

valign (top | middle | bottom) "top"

Add this to the ATTLIST for entry, recompile your doctype, and you should then see tables as tables instead of tags.

Amy Flick