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toolbar geometry


toolbar geometry

I've been customizing Arbortext Editor for clients for over 6 years now
and I've never been able to figure this out.
We have several custom toolbars. I understand that toolbar location
config info is saved automatically by Arbortext on close to a wcf file.
However, there are times when those settings aren't remembered the next
time an editing session is started. I could live with this. The more
annoying problem is when a user opens Editor and the toolbars are fine
(where he set them the last session), but then he opens a 2nd document
(both the same doctype) and the toolbars are off. As in a toolbar that
should be aligned to the left now begins about mid-window, pushing any
other toolbars on that toolbar row even further right. Sometimes a
toolbar will be kicked off to a row by itself.
Am I missing something? Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the
toolbars in the locations the user sets them?


Brian Jensen

Are you sure that the user has only one .wcf file? This sounds as if there may be multiple .wcf files. On a command line in each opened document try 'eval $APTPRFWCF' to verify that all document instances see the same .wcf file.

Arbortext will write a .wcf file in the current document directory unless the APTPRFWCF environment variable is set to ensure a consistent location.

Hope this helps.


David S. Taylor

Project Manager, Structured Information
Institute for Research in Construction
National Research Council Canada
Bldg. M-23A, Room 239
1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6
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