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3D Notes for holes in Creo 1.0


3D Notes for holes in Creo 1.0

We used to use 3d notes display to toggle on the hole notes when convenient. This option seems to have disappeared in Creo parametric 1.0. How do you turn on/off the hole notes?


Bill Chapman

The 3D notes icon is not in Wildfire as OOTB. Your company must have added it in a file.
You may have to rebuild your files for Creo, since the menus and icons have all changed.

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

Your correct that I added this to the However, it is not an option to add this to the menus in Creo 1.0. The icon no longer exists . I was hoping that it was replaced with some equivalent functionality as we often have plates with lots of holes, and this was an easy way to determine hole sets for manufacturing.

I have received several other comments from others in similar situations. No one has found a way to do this, it appears this functionality has been removed.


That brings up an interesting problem for those of us who use Ref. Dim. in our models. Many times throughout my design, I make use of the Ref. Dim. capabilities while modeling components or assemblies. Since WF-4 was introduced, it has gotten harder and harder

Each newer release gets harder to use...
1. WF-3 and all versions back to rev.17 UNIX (when I started using Pro/E), I would choose, Edit, Setup, RefDim and select a datum plane to create my dimensions (EASY !).

2. WF-4 came along and I was forced to first choose, Annotation Orientation from the View menu and then choose the angle at which I would show the ref. dim. text angle - then choose, Insert, Annotations, Reference Dimension.

3. Along came WF-5 and I was once again forced to first choose, Annotation Orientation from the View menu and then choose the angle at which I would show the ref. dim. text angle - then choose, Insert, Annotations, Reference Dimension. Next, you need to choose the Annotation Element Display Icon to even see the Ref. Dim. - but it would also display EVERY tap drill hole thread callout on your model (messy display view). The text always displays WAY TOO BIG and requires modifying via first setting the Smart Filter drop-down box and choosing, Annotation and then selecting the REF. DIM. text and modifying the text style (height) (VERY painful setup !).

4. Removed functionality... major bummer.

That's Pro/E progress for you ! Please pay more ca$h for your next "improved" maintenance release.
Sigh 😞



Suggestion on your item 3.

For WF5 - The 3d notes display icon will allow you to toggle off all hole notes, then using the Annotation Element Display you will not have to suffer with excessive hole notes filling the screen.


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Hmm… in WF4 I click the annotation feature (from the annotation toolbar)èdriven dimensionèOK(middle click)è select entitiesèmiddle clickè OK (middle click)

I think this is easier than prior versions… Can’t speak for WF5 or Creo1.0 yet

I'll give that a try, Bill.




Thanks for bringing this up. I totally agree with you!

I used Reference Dimensions all the time. I used to have a Mapkey that allowed one to place a Reference Dimension on the plane that was currently parallel to the screen. So all one had to do is to go to one of the pre-setup views Top Front, Left...or use any other user defined view and that was it. Might be dating myself here.

Will are still on WF4, and I hubble along using it, not as much, and it is painful. I haven't got around to fix the mapkey, it seems this might be senseless, as reading your comments correctly, the Reference Dimensions functionality is completely gone? We are upgrading soon.




I flamed PTC on ref dims way back in 2004. You might want to look at the post to see my complaints back then.



First you show the Hole annotation from the Annotate tab, then the Annotation Display icon will allow toggle between display on/off. The icon is located in the Graphics toolbar in Creo Parametric, which itself can be toggled to be included in the Graphics toolbar. Not sure if a config exists to toggle display on by default... See attached pdf file.


Thanks - Glad it's not completely gone... yet.

Along those lines... Is there an easier way to create RefDims. in Creo 1.0 than I mentioned earlier for pre WF-3 thru WF-5?


One of the other things, once you have "shown" the hole note is you can add
the notes to different view states. This provides the control for,
basically, 3D drawing type views.

By default, my hole annotations are not displaying at all until I "show"
them. Bill, are yours displayed upon creation.

Last but not least, there is also the ability to setup a partdesign.dtl

Hope that helps,

Tim McLellan
Mobius Innovation and Development, Inc.

In Wildfire 5.0 they are displayed upon creation.  Nothing has to be done to turn on /off the hole notes but toggle the "3d notes display".  This is true in part, assembly, and manufacturing modes.

In Creo 1.0, they are not displayed on creation.  It looks like there is no way to just view them, you have to explicitly show them.  Not great for the way we use it.



The hole notes are not automatically displayed in Creo Paramteric. You can "Show" the notes of any hole feature from theAnnotate tab. Select the annotate tab, select show annotations, select the notes from the dialog box and select any hole feature. The annotations will be placed on the current combination state (controlled by the camera).

Also, reference dimensions can be created as well from the Annotate tab. Use the "annotations" pull donw under on the far right of the tab and the UI to create reference dimensions hasn't changed.

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