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3D text and solid bend


3D text and solid bend

Gurus of the solid bend; or in PTC speak, bend solid,

One of my work colleagues is having a problem and I don't know what the
answer is. He has some text on a flattened quilt which he will be
transferring to the solid body as a cut out. To this end he has a sketch
of the text extruded both sides of the quilt. However, when he performs
the solid bend, for some reason the text is flipping so the letters are
mirrored - fine for Leonardo but not what our customer wants. This is
not something that he and I have never seen nor can we find the
reason/solution. Has anybody seen this before?


Richard A. Black

Lead Engineer

Eaton Corporation

16900 Aberdeen Road

Laurinburg, NC. 28353

Tel: 910-610-1788

Fax: 910-277-3700



I would make sure that my text sketch is fully constrained (i.e. no assumptions). Also, I have see weird stuff like this occur with sheetmetal. Are you using the sheetmetal module?

Neal Rosenblum
Geometrix Engineering, Inc.
201 N. 13th Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33019
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