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oK, it's not friday, but it seems like a friday tread.
Following all the treads isn't that easy for every user from foreign
But have in mind, that the most countries have CAD forums too. Everbody has
do find his own decision, which forum is the best for him.
I'm from Germany and prefer this user group for fast and accurate response.
BTW, if I can read the answers to my questions I can post a summary too.
It's a question of honor to give if you take. Thats the spirit of all

> Not to add fuel to the fire or take this too far off topic
> but this exact thing crossed my mind this morning when I read
> the posts. There are almost never any summaries posted by
> some and the balance of give/take seems heavily weighted toward take.
> I may be off the mark here but I am wondering if the lack of
> summaries is related to the poor linguistic skills of said
> offenders? Not that mine is all that great mind you. It seems
> some people (not all) overseas have a hard enough time
> cobbling the words together to ask their question, let alone
> edit and format a summary for all of us. (when I say poor
> linguistic skills I am referring to written English as
> applied to this email exploder, some may speak wonderfully in
> their native
> language)
> It would be very nice as you said if they would post a
> summary, even if it was only a "copy & paste" summary.
> No backlash from me and I have no ill feelings toward
> foreigners in general. If you're going to participate in this
> system though you should be willing to share any knowledge
> you gain with the rest. That is, after all, the whole point
> of this, isn't it?
> I'll quit while I'm ahead.
> Phil
> Rui,
> Thank you! I was thinking the same thing regarding that
> question. And you touched on something that has been
> bothering me. It seems the individuals from some select
> countries generally will ask questions, but then do not think
> enough to share what they have learned through summaries. It
> is pretty much common courtesy as far as I am concerned.
> It seems like pretty much all take and no give for some
> groups of people. It would be nice if individuals that are
> involved in the outsourcing of engineering work would atleast
> be a little more linguistically clear in what they are trying
> to find out. I am sure I will start a firestorm with this
> one, and I expect some backlash, but at times this is
> something that has bothered me.
> Nick
> Firstly, asking questions is never bugging.
> Secondly, speaking for myself, I can't guess what you want,
> so rather ask a question than leave it to guessing. How do
> you expect anyone to guess what you want when you write "BODY
> IN WHITE"? Or maybe I'm just too limited to make it out.
> Also, you don't post summaries so please: SHARE THE
> KNOWLEDGE. I (and probably others) also want to learn about
> G1 and G2.
> Rui
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Hope i am not bugging you all (I am posting too many questions)
> > i guess you understand waht i need to know (Mentioned in the
> > Subject).
> >
> > Thankx & Regards
> > Pradip
> >

Hummm... looks like we have another creative Terry who loves Chocolate.

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