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Baugruppen in VRML 2


Baugruppen in VRML 2

Hallo Zusammen,

ich brauche vorhandene Creo Baugruppen im Format Vrml2.

Creo hat 2  Möglichkeiten über die "speichern als" "kopie speichern" in das Format .wrl zu speichern. Vrml und 4D Navigator

Vrml = Alle Einzelteile werden mit ausgegeben. Vrml version = 2 lässt sich problemlos in bekannten Vrml Viewer wie InstantPayer öffnen.

Nachteil ist leider, dass alle Einzelteil mit konvertiert werden.

4D navigator = Eine Datei wird erstellt. Vrml version = 1.. Lässt sich leider in keinem Viewer öffnen.

Gibt es irgeneine Möglichkeit aus Creo über diese Schnittstelle die Daten in Vrml2 zu exportieren.

Vrml 1 ist eine Uralte Version und wurde eigentlich durch die 2 abgelöst. Warum besitzt Creo nicht diese Option?

Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar, wenn jemand eine Lösung für mich hat.





Can you please translate and explain what exactly you are looking for?




Not many people working with the old VRML language.  I use to hand edit Pro|E outputs in VRML.  Even that was VRML 2.0.

The output of VRML from Creo is minimalistic at best.  I think all you need to do is change the header and to some global swaps for specific syntax.  It is certainly not impossible.

Again, Creo cannot give VRML readers smoothing, textures, or even surface colors (only body color per "object").  Some of these attributes can be changed within the WRL files before importing.

I hope you are wrong and we find an option that allows VRML-1.0 compatible output formats.

Find yourself a good VRML-2.0 viewer

Hello Antonius,

that's right, when you save as VRML. The result is VRML 2.0.

When you save as 4D Navigator. the result is VRML 1.0. Ans this is my problem.

I need completly assemblies in one file like 4D navigator.

Save as VRML cannot create Assemblies in one file.


  • In order to use this capability, a user just needs to include the option "allow_4dnav_export" set to "yes".
  • Note that customer must also have a specific option code called "Pro/4DNavigator" in addition to the option in order to access this capability.
  • Customers should see their PTC Representative to obtain this code.


  • With the above access controls set, the user will be able to use this new fucntionality with the following menu picks:
    • Prior Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire releases:

FILE > EXPORT > MODEL > 4D_Navigator

  • Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire release and later:

File > Save a Copy and Type: "4D Navigator (*.wrl)"


Thank you for posting the solution.

Did the option cost extra money?

edit: If you activate this in, the option works wonderfully in Creo 2.0 without additional license information.

This is a most excellent tip! Thanks again.

Please feel free to mark your answer as correct.


but that does not solve my problem.

The files in 4D Navigator are in VRML 1.0.

I need VRML 2.0


you can test following procedure:

  • open your assembly
  • save it in IGES flat format
  • import IGES file as part
  • save the part using VRML (*.wrl) type
  • open VRML file in yout viewer


Martin Hanák

I am loosing track of this discussion, then.

VRML 2 made assemblies more efficient by repeating the same part from a single external source.

I suppose you could import the VRML1 as a part and export it as a VRML (VRML2-.wrl) to have the single file.

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