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Broken-View - Direction


Broken-View - Direction

How do you select the Direction to be VERTICAL when creating a
Broken-View (when it's grayed out)?


Thank you.

Art Garibay
Drafter III
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Typically when I'veseen this it's because youalready have a dependent (projected) view defined off of the view you're now trying to add a break to. It won't let you add the break because theprojected view above / below it would have to changeas well. The work aroundI've used is toredefine that projected view to be a general view (View Type), add the vertical break to theview you were having issues with, then go back andchange thenow "un-projected" view back from general to projectedfrom the general view that now has the break. Also be sure to go tothe Visible Area settings for that now re-projected view and setit to broken. It should add the breaks in the appropriate place and adjust the view to align properly with the parent view itis considered projected from (the one where you added the breaks you were having trouble with).

Hope this helps.


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