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CFD software choice for ProE


CFD software choice for ProE


I would need to make some basics CFD simulations.

(Wind effort on a solid body)

I'm wondering if it's possible to get rough prices of principal packages that could be used with Creo parametric

- Ansys + CFX

- CFDesign (now from Autodesk)

- Floefd (mentor)

- anything else ?

Thanks for any information,



Prices will vary a lot depending on what options you want and where you are located. We're in the US and have both full seats of CFDesign (includes solid body motion, etc) and a few seats of Ansys + CFX. Ansys + CFX was about 3X the cost of CF Design. If you can get away with a basic seat of CF Design the price difference will be even bigger. The ANSYS users are doing a lot of combined structural/fluid problems so are much happier with it all being in one place instead of having to use CF Design and then transferring the results to Mechanica for FEA but CF Design is well received for the fluid flow only problems. We never tried them, but CD-adapco is another CFD software vendor.


Have used FloEFD and CFDesign for simple cooling circuit design - HX with water flow.

Prices will vary by market but these two are similar - they both do Specials so barter hard.

Dont believe the marketing hype about up-front design - it needs to be backed up with proper validation.

We ran the same problem in the two packages and got VERY different results.

We then validated the flow patterns on a flow rig and found CFDesign was wrong.

CFDesign showed no interest in sorting it out despite having spent $1000s with them.

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