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Changing a Drill Note to a Laser Note

23-Emerald II

Changing a Drill Note to a Laser Note

We have some internal washers made and on the threaded hole note, I would like to change the 5/16 drill (.313) note to a .### Dia. Laser note.

Is there a way to do this in these notes?


You have to mess with the hole tables. You would be adding a new hole specific to laser.

These are the only holes on the part, so would I modify these holes?

It all depends on your company's policy. Personally, I have no problem with applying my own note for hole callouts.

Rarely is the PTC default what my clients prefer and they certainly don't want to pay me to manage hole tables.

When I tried to edit the note, it will not let me modify it to show a size and for it to be laser cut instead tap drill and tap drill size. Is there something in the that I need to edit to allow this change?

Nono... I meant write a note that is independent of the hole itself. You might be able to assign some of the variables in a note, but even that has gotten harder.

My favorite method is to use a radial dimension and edit to a hole note. That way, the leader will remain normal to the edge.

I also a issues with the SAE callouts where spaces are added at the dash (UNC-2B reads UNC - 2B). Funny enough, there is a way to avoid the excess spaces:

Re: Tips for text

Also found this:

If you have a string of variables like in hole callouts, you noticed that you require spaces between the end of the variable and new text characters. This is why you see...


UNF - 2B
...a text string which is obviously not to any standard that we as engineers accept.

But there is a little known method to remove the requirement for the space:

{0:&THREAD_SERIES}-{1:&THREAD_CLASS} ...which returns


Old school editor but this is what makes it work.

Why didn't PTC do this for the hole CALLOUT_FORMAT?

PTC, are you listening? This is what "we" call fit and finish

I know we have discussed this before but I need to find it again.

Here is probably more information than you ever wanted... but for posterity:

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