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Constrained filling


Constrained filling

I'm trying to solve an interesting new case today.

Fill in a glass with a certain volume of water. I would like to change the quantity of water easily by parameter: any idea how to create a solid of the water constrained by the glass shape and the desired variable volume?


Behavioral Modeling has this as an example. They usually model and enclosed surface and use an analysis feature of the enclosed volume.…


you can implement bisection method using relations. See attached model.

  • d10 dimension belongs to DTM1 plane
  • inside the bottle there is closed quilt representing water
  • relations are defined as Post Regeneration

How to test my model:

  • the model is prepared to find value of d10 dimension which matches water volume 1 cubic decimeter
  • set MYSTART parameter to 1
  • click Regenerate repeatedly and watch values displyed in the top left corner
  • every Regenerate action brings your model closer to the goal

After first test you can remove the model from the session, open it again, set your own values for the following parameters, regenerate and repeat the test using procedure described above.



Good luck

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák
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