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Creo 1.0 ending support in Sep 2012?

21-Topaz I

Creo 1.0 ending support in Sep 2012?

According to the product calendar Creo 1.0 support ends in September of
this year.

21-Topaz II

Interesting, Creo 1.0 support ends in October but TBD on end of support
for Creo Elements 5 (WF5). Methinks something is amiss.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Nobody went to Creo 1 so their support has been minimal. The one I was
chasing down was Windchill 10.1 and Pro/e compatibility. It will work
with WF5 and Creo 2 but they do not plan on supporting Creo1 (confirmed
from PTC). Seems a bit crazy to me.

I assume they are planning we'll all go from WF5 to Creo 2. At our last
regional user group meeting, the majority of users were on WF5.


22-Sapphire I

I need to subscribe to this. This came out on the 4th.

Antonio Villanueva
Sr. Software Engineer
Goodrich - ISR Systems


Talked to one of the PTC guys about this at the Tech Forum in the UK as we recently updated our 9.1 Windchill to m060 so we could move to Creo 1.0

The response was about the uptake of Creo 1.0 was low so they decided to concentrate their (PTC) efforts on Creo 2.0 as there is more customer value in this release compared to Creo 1.0 with more of the Creo apps being inter functional 😉

Just bad timing on our part I guess

We haven't decided yet if we're going to go to Creo 1.0 and then onto Creo 2.0 when thenext Windchill 9.1 update is available (June me thinks) or wait until M070 is available and take the hit and update Windchill again then goto Creo 2.0and of course there is Windchill 10.1 but we don't want to do Windchill and ProE upgrade at the same time, my user community would leave 😉

Cheers All

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