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Creo 2.0 M030 and Work cells


Creo 2.0 M030 and Work cells

Hi All

I have just found another issue with Creo 2.0 with work cells

I was trying to import a saved work cell last week, but when I tried to load, it came up with a new screen

work cell new screen.JPG

Now I tried to tick all of these option one by one and load the work cell, but all I got was this message.

work group abourted.JPG

I couldn't load any of my saved work cells.

Now we kind of figured it out, we resaved the current work cell in Creo 2.0 under another name and treid to load it again, this time with the option above ticked, I received this box below

referenc group.JPG

then by clicking the box circled and selecting the CSYS as shown below

reference group 2.JPG


what does this mean, something has changed within work cells from Creo 1/ Pro E to Creo 2, any saved work cell is now useless, so any specials cells you may have created and saved, unless you can open a file with it in place and resaved from within Creo 2.0, can't be used....

PTC need to fix this...




Not exactly sure what you mean by importing work cells? Is this to change from one machine to another in the operation or is this how you set up a new part for machining? I change machines by editing the operation definition then on the upper right hand side I get two pulldowns the first is mfg setup.


If you pull that down at the bottom you getr user defined work centers. You can then add or change to what you want. If it is to start a new manufacturing job I would recommend using start parts with the machining center already in there. I have start parts for each machine with all the different materials all set up so all I do is assemble the part and stock to be machined.

If you need i have a pdf on how to make start parts. It is really simple to do and saves a ton of setup time.



I would like to see the start part pdf if you don't mind.


We have not seen issues with workcells in Creo 2, but we also have a start part. Maybe more simple than what Steve has with just the workcell and some basic views.


i just looked at what I have on start parts and it's about 3 mb in size zipped so I would have to email it to you.

it turns out it is not a pdf but an older pre wildfire PTC U class i some how got my hands on. It is very informative and complete. It still applies to what we do today with start parts. If you are still interested send me your Email address and I will send it back to you.


Hi Steve

While I get to it a different way as I have created my on custom ribbon to get everything I use on one ribbon, but yes I am inserting a saved UDF work cell within in a template file, a file that has the basic profiles and sequences already set up.


and what I mean by work cell is



we have saved variares work cells for each machine and operations required


example of the okuma45 cells

we have created a number of cells for each machine based on what operation is called for. now I was trying to load a work cell that had special tooling used for a small number of our jobs, this is the practice that has been used here for the last ten years, my predercessor set it up.

no matter what we tried, it wouldn't load, now I opened a file where that work cell was last used, and saved it again in Creo 2, then going into the folder where it is stored and delete all the old versions. it would then load...

Something has changed, or something is missing which is preventing old cells from loading.

maybe this practice is not how PTC designed the software to be used, but its how we have done it and how our system has involved, I guess we should look at saving tools by parameter and importing them into the tool table, but we had been saving the entire work cell and reloading them as it updates all the tools at once.



what you are doing is interesting. I don't use a lot of udf's so I am not sure I can help you with your problem. If you want the start part info I have send me a private message with your email address if you don't want your email on this page and I will sent the files to you.

It sounds to me like what you are doing could be converted to start parts with the tooling and everything loaded in the workcells. the other thing I do a lot with similar manufacturing parts is just do a replace with the part then save the manufacturing file with the name of the new part. The replace works great with family tables of parts.


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