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Creo 2.0 M070 ?


Creo 2.0 M070 ?

What's wrong with this picture...


Can I count on doing an update this weekend, PTC?


Accepted Solutions

Looks like the answer is YES... M070 has just been released and available for download.

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Hi Tom,

Never mind M070 for Creo 2.0 have a look further down the page at Creo 3.0 with H1 2014????

Anybody here anything at the conference about this? Was originally for before the conference in June then Q3 2013 now H1 2014 (not even Q1). Makes me rather concerned. Maintenance anyone?

Regards, Brent

i started a thread on this long back... and BRIAN has given some explanation for this too.. i guess they fixing some long standing issues....

please go to the thread below

I agree (and I believe stated so on that thread), this will mean two years of maintenance payments with no new software. That is inexcusable. Had I known that would be the case, I would have let our maintenance lapse.

When Creo 2 came out I believe the latest SW was 2012. 2013 has come and is well established and so will 2014 by the time we get Creo 3.

I created a 'product idea' for this. We deserve a commitment from PTC for annual releases. Vote for it here:

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Doesn't look promising....

Jay Vleeschhouwer (Griffin Securities): At the conference in Anaheim last month, we heard you speak about your, more or less, having settled into an 18- to 24-month product release schedule for Creo and for Windchill -- which is somewhat different from what your competitors do. But the question for you is, if at some point ... you need to have a more rapid release schedule, roughly every year or so?

PTC: [Did not answer the question directly about going to annual releases.]

Well, if PTC is committed to an every two years policy of software releases, I'm looking to adopt an every 2-3 years policy of paying maintenance.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Huh, I used the 'insert a link' button and it's screwed up. I'm going to try again:

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Hopefully one of those will work. 😛

EDIT: Nope. What's the secret for clickable links?!?!

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

After unclick the link icon do not hit enter (Carrage Return)

Just skip to the next line or somewhere else in the text.

I found that this works.

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Annual Product Releases


It takes time to weed out advanced renderer away from Creo Parametric, and make it a separate Creo app.


Or are there gonna be any real enhancements? I am considering mostly just bug fixes to be real enhancements.

Looks like the answer is YES... M070 has just been released and available for download.


I do not know what PTC has done, but this time I downloaded this new update in no time. Speed was 4.85MB/sec (not MegabIT, but MegaByte). It took 5 minutes max for 4GB. Usually, it takes couple of hours but now it was very fast.

I am not interested in new version every year if it carries along all the issues from older versions. I am more for solid product that will work without glitches everytime - all the time.


i do not have current maintenace so cannot download M070,i would just like to know about a issue in assembly and has that issue been resolved in M070?

when we do "save a copy" in assembly in creo 2.0 and the resolution is not what is recommended by PTC i.e. 1280x1024....then window opens out of range and it cannot be scaled also....has that issue been resolved?..i mean can it be diagonally scaled now?

please see the link below:


I am wondering if M070 runs better than M060, M050 seemed great for me (like I don't think it crashed once, ever) but then when I went to M060, I had some flakyness (power exits, etc) hopefully M070 fixed that.


Yup, a bit more bandwidth now from PTC.

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