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Creo 2.0 Parametric


Creo 2.0 Parametric

Good Day All,

We are in the process of planning an upgrade from Wildfire 5 to Creo 2. I was wondering what horror stories or gotcha's other companies have run into, if any, when performing an upgrade.

Thanks in advance.


Jim Van Dragt
PLM Architect
Information Technology

Spock! Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

Stay with W5! What were you thinking?

OK Scottie…care to elaborate ? ☺

Jim Van Dragt
PLM Architect
Information Technology

….and time marches on. If it didn’t some of us might still be driving Pintos.

Went from

M10 to M20 to M30 to M40 to M50 to resolve successive new issues.

M50 resulted in unexplainable multiple crashes daily over several users.

Back to M40. At least it is relatively stable.

However, the problems with showing datums and gtols on drawings and KEEPING them there at printing and checking in to WT have been insurmountable.

We can’t figure if it is bugs, network or lack of education on our part on the new Creo philosophy of gtol creation/showing.

Some here have resorted to using old old old symbols of gtols and datums that we had hand created back in – what ProE 16?- because we just can’t manage to create these things reliably.

All here are wishing we were still at W4.

Have you considered one of the later versions of Creo, like M080 (or soon M090)? I have heard theM050 and before hada LOT of issues that were resolved in M070 and M080...

We are in the process of testing Creo so I cannot yet speak for my company. I have heard very mixed reviews from admins and users of other companies, so can anyone verify from their experience that M080 is much more stable? (or not...?)


"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

Jim, Jim, Jim That’s McCoy’s line

We have been running M060 for quite awhile and the crashes are few and far between. That with about 80 licenses and about 200 users. Hoping to go to M090 after the first of the year.

M080 is our target version

Jim Van Dragt
PLM Architect
Information Technology

If you're using Windchill, stay away from M080. There's some kind of save bug where objects that should be saved aren't getting saved. Sorry I can't be more specific, we don't use Windchill here so I'm not familiar, only seen it mentioned on the various forums.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Is you make files read only and you save or checkin it really messes with some stuff. That's why we are waiting for M090 hoping that bug is fixed. Also need to upgrade for our 10.2 update.

I would stay away from Creo 2 for now...

We currently use m030 and have some crashing issues as well as an issue
for bolt analysis in Creo Simulate. We tested m080, but that was a
complete train wreck. Read only objects in workspaces needing to regen
would cause your model not to save. We also had some data loss for
objects modified in m080, the changes would not show up in m030. (I
always thought build codes were backwards/forwards compatible.)

... we are waiting for m090 now... come on PTC....


We are doing the same thing. Holding tight at M040 (With the crashing and datum display issues) and waiting for Windchill 10.2 M010 to release and then upgrade Creo to M090 when it comes out.

Wow - and my VAR said Creo 2 was awesome. I guess I never asked them if it
was awesome but crashed a lot and didn't work right.

"Awesome is as awesome does" - when it works, it's awesome.

Come on PTC. Maybe Creo 3 will be better.

I just updated my license to Creo 2 for an upcoming project. I am waiting
for my license file to come. But, now I am a bit nervous.

We've been on Creo 2 for some time without any significant issues using build M030. We went from WF 5 to Creo 2 because of some issues with Creo 1 and assemblies.

Dorian Ferrari|Director|Digital Development & Model Services|310-252-4007
23-Emerald II

See David Haight's warning about M080! Stay away, it has a major bug.

PTC has come across a Creo/Windchill interaction issue in Creo Parametric 2.0 M080 where models fail to save to the Workspace components are modified and have a read-only status:

We've been on M060 for a while now and no significant issues with it,
Having said that I did upgrade the windchill 9.1 server to M070 and put it
on new Hardware and also upgraded the users PCs to 64 bit loads of RAM etc

Think we'll stop there for now

Thanks to all who pointed out M080 was a dud

Best Regards

Chris Collinson
CAD Administrator

Very interesting reading. I did learn something I believe. I have one single user here that has been losing saves on parts and drawings and I was blaming his bad practices or just stupidity because he was the only one experiencing this. But reading below and hearing of making parts drawings or assemblies read only in the Workspace may cause this, flipped the light switch in my head. My user is the only one in the group who has been using this read only feature as a lock to ensure he would not change a part by accident. Who would have thought that a read only item in your workspace would cause the software to have seizures. I now have an edict for my users -- Do not to use read only.

I really hope PTC finds this bug and fixes it. We are using Creo 2 M040

Ron Rich
Mechanical Engineer
Keithley Instruments, Inc.
28775 Aurora Road
Solon, OH 44139

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