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Creo 2 - M110


Creo 2 - M110

Just installed M110 and found this.....


I don't believe it was there in the previous versions. I've been thinking about requesting this, so I'm glad they did it. I just wish the would throw a check box on that dropdown for "use breakout distance". Why dig thru pages for such a common option.

Not really a question just figured I would share incase you were debating on installing M110 with CREO 3 so close. (Maybe)


The feature has been there for a while, but under the Details.../Depth tab


Jason / Matt,

It's been there a while under details/ depth, but in M110 they moved it to the front reference page on most of the drill cycles as Jason was pointing out. They missed moving it on the face drill cycle though. I think it's a work in progress getting ready for Creo 3.0


Like Steve said, I knew it was there but the fact that it took extra clicks to get there is what made this change useful for me since I use it quite often. Heres to hoping that the "use breakout distance" gets moved to this page as well.

Has anyone heard of any good enhancements in CREO 3 yet? I saw a powerpoint a couple of months ago that had some good stuff in it. Roughing sequence optimization (less air cutting), drill holes without axes, tapered threadmilling enhancements, and ribbon UI for Volume Milling.


I am Looking forward to being able to drill holes without axes. Engineering here is always making assembly cuts and not putting the axes through all the cuts. Big source of frustration for me!!


If all the changes you mentioned above are the first changes in a lot i would be happy. In my opinion all the features should have work with the ribbon "ui" already in Creo 2.0. However if the change is as major as the step from wf5,creo1 to creo 2 then probably it makes me even more happy.


I agree. I drill out alot of corners in the parts I program so Auto Axis won't work and I have to put them all in manually. I'm hoping that this enhancement allows the selection of just arcs and not full circles.


I'm with you on the ribbon UI, but I guess better late than never. I'm hoping for a large amount of upgrades as well. There are a lot of little things that would make the software so much better to use.

I concur on the breakout distance toggle. I've missed that one a few times and felt consternation at finding that my holes didn't break through the object I'm drilling. It's kind of tucked away so you have to click about a bit, and unnecessarily so. I think one of the troubles is that the interface programming isn't necessarily being done by someone who has used the program to do work. A common occurrence, given that a professional programmer is not likely to have experience in NC programming.


You are 100% correct. I am going to try and make it a point to put more ideas in the ideas section for changes. They might not carry very much weight coming from a user with no pull, but atleast it will be a shot.

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