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Creo 2 assigning a material


Creo 2 assigning a material

Can anyone enlighten me with the clicks/procedure to edit -setup- materials
in Creo2?

My intern has been looking for it the whole morning and nothing so far. I
gave it a good search too and nothing yet. I can't even find the edit-set
up so I assume stuff changed and the things we used to do there are now
somewhere in the ribbon?




Please see the 2 attached screen shots. To assign a material, go to
File --> Prepare --> Model Properties. From there you can assign a
material. If you wish to modify the properties of a material, select Change
next to Material. When the Material list comes up, right click on a
material and choose "Properties" There you can edit the material
properties. If you wish to create a new one, I recommend going to the
materials library and doing a "Save-As" on a material and then following
the above steps to edit the properties.

Hope this helps!!
22-Sapphire I

Currently one can assign to a CAD model, then separately address material in various ways on WTParts, with or without Windchill Product Analytics for example. These are separate unrelated actions and the result can disagree. They are complicated by assigning processes (e.g. anodize, plate, paint, chem. Film, etc.) in drawing notes.

It will be great once PTC provides a method to assign a material once that extends to all representations of the part.

That helped. Thanks!... I swear we looked into the prepare menu and missed

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