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Creo2 to Creo1


Creo2 to Creo1

Two questions:

1) Can Creo1 read Creo2 files?

2) Can Creo1 read Creo2 .stp files?


Creo 1 cannot read Creo 2 files. 3D software is typically not backwards compatible without some sort of add on.

Creo 1 should be able to read Creo 2 STEP files.

Creo 2.0 has a folder located under the Creo 2.0 install folder\Common Files\F001\i486_nt\gcri. Or the same location except that the the i486_nt is replaced with the "64 bit folder name" if the 64 bit software is used.

Copy the file readnewermodels.dll and place this file into the Creo 1.0 install folder\Common Files\F001\i486_nt\obj folder.

You will now be able to open Creo 2.0 files using Creo 1.0

David Brainsky
Certified PTC Instructor
Chula Vista, Ca. 91910

Are they the full models or a simplified version?

Andy Hermanson
Engineering Design Applications

tel 605.275.1040 x51114 mobile 605.310.8168

OK, now this is where it really get weird for me.

How do any of us 'normal' people learn of these 'features'?

Is stuff like this only spoken of in hushed tones in the back corridors
of a Pro-E User Conference?

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

Last year, I remember PTC telling us that from Creo 3 on, you will be able to read newer models. Essentially the rev of Creo you and your vendors are using will become less important as Creo matures.

That was at the time as PTC likes to say "forward looking information, subject to change"

David Haigh

Perhaps it's a corollary to the old software programmer's rule:

'Real programmers never write comments in their code; if it was hard to
write, it Should be hard to understand'.

Similarly, (or is that 'corollarily'?) if it was hard to write, it Should be
hard to find out it exists!

I know it's not a Friday, but you have to laugh now & then...


23-Emerald II

GCRI - Granite Cross-Release Interoperability, has been around since Wildfire 3 time. It is a plugin to the older version and is limited to 2 versions up. WF2 can read WF3 & WF4, WF4 can read WF5 and Creo 1, etc. The plugin is specific to the read and source pair.


Please refer to the following KB articles:

How to open Creo Parametric 2.0 files in Creo Parametric 1.0, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 & 4.0

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