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DXF output


DXF output

We are running WF 3.0 M130, and we are outputting .dxf's that are then
converted using TruTops to a .geo. After this conversation takes place
all the solid lines are dashed. If we take and open the .dxf in AutoCAD
and resave it as either a 2000 or 2004 .dxf the file then converts
correctly. Has anyone encountered this or able to tell me what is set
incorrectly. I would greatly appreciate it.

Tyler Nielsen

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We have seen this before with some colors. What we typically do now is open the dxf in TruTops and modify the color to white to avoid problems. If I am remembering correctly, we had a problem with lines colored cyan. TruTops turned all cyan lines into dashed lines.

Hope this helps

Doug Purtill

There's a setting to have Pro|E output an ACAD 2000 style DXF. Set
dxf_export_format to 2000. It's supposed to be the default, actually,
in WF3, but if using the options dialog, it defaults to 12 regardless of
the option setting.

There are a variety of DXF options you can set that may help, search for
'DXF' in the options dialog.

Doug Schaefer
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