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Default font slant angle


Default font slant angle

What parameter change slant angle in default font?

I know that it was a problem sinse 1999. Lot of questions were... Apologize that such progressive company as PTC made already something with it.


They did, but I forget exactly how it was done... setting a default font characteristics and managed in a different dialog.

while in, config.dtl,

set default_font_directory to c:\windows\fonts

set default_font to isocpeui

This would set the default font to isocpeur font with italic specified. "i" at the end in "isocpeui " denotes italics.

I am quoting from memory since my proe is not open. Or is it Creo...


That's not what I was thinking but interesting. Will Creo still link to the special symbol characters this way?

isocpeui not working for me (Creo2 M040) and, appologize, not work at all. I think it sould be some direct parameter with degree numbers. Some kind "default_font_ang 15".

Try this from the drawing's annotation tab:


And? What it should give me? I can create style and what after? Should I recreate all my formats and use style like default_font (can I)? Not clear message, could you describe widely?

Not clear also because when I apply style to text it just copy parameters, it's work not like CSS or styles in Office.

By the way - name of style can be only Latin name. Not progressive style.

I believe you asked how to make a font slant (angle) assgned to the default font. In your drawing file, this will set the default font to include a slant. This is only applicable to the file where this was set.

If you need this to be the case for all future drawings, you want to make template drawing files with this setting.

I am not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve. To understand the ramifications of this change, I will recommend you play with it and see if it does what you expect.

In formats it's ok - I can do slant and save standard notes. It was not a problem. But in new annotations or sizes or some other stuff - it's not. Each of them use default_font (without slant) and should be manualy corrected.

In the above image, Format is not related to Format files... it is the format of the default text font while you are in a drawing file. If this is not getting set in the drawing for subsequent note text, then somehting is not being saved when you finish the dialog.

Some default text features are set in the detail.dtl setup file but not all of them have options available.

And you are absolutely right as Creo doesn't use any standard convention from today's applications. I'm hoping this will be address in Creo 3.0.

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