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EXTERNAL: Commandments of ProE- 2nd attempt

21-Topaz II

EXTERNAL: Commandments of ProE- 2nd attempt

That just forces the new old method of handing problems. Pro/E stopped
failing every time a reference was missing long ago, sometime around
WF1, maybe earlier. Since then, if it can find a suitable replacement
reference, it will with only a passing mention in the message area. If
you pay attention you may see 'original reference not found, using
alternate' or something similar, but they flick by so quickly you may
miss it.

With WF5, features that actually fail to regenerate at all can be
ignored. I can see where this can be useful while working through a
problem, but dangerous if not dealt with properly. Haven't had a
project on Wf5 yet to experience it firsthand.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

It took me a while to catch on; the documentation of the traffic light
doesn't stand out. If there are any potential problems in the model, the
light will remain yellow (or turn red on an actual failure). Warnings show
in the command line during regeneration and if there are too many to see in
your cache, you can get the entire list from Info>Session Info>Message Log.


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University of Texas at Austin

Carol Fly

Mechanical Designer

(512) 835-3397

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Hey All:

I know this has been asked before because I searched the archives and
tried:, (see image below). It didn't work. What did I do wrong? Are
the double \'s <file: \'s="> correct in the path name? I did change
the path name to: C:\Program Files (x86)\proeWildfire 3.0\bin\.

Wildfire 3

--Tom Carrington--
Rexair LLC

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In regards to your comment, " I can see where this can be useful while working through a problem, but dangerous if not dealt with properly". That is exactly my point. Although the more recent new users of Pro/E at my company like this feature because it lets them "get past" the immediate problems (failures) and then go "go back" to fix it later. But like I stated previously, they have been burned a few times because "they forgot to go back and add the missing hole or protrusion" once the models completed regeneration. I'm just saying... "watch it and... pay attention". I'd rather know that there is a snafu and I need to fix it before it gets out of hand down the road.

"Original reference not found, using alternate" almost always makes me go back to fix the alternate's reference. Good examples are a series of holes or cuts with rounds or chamfers attached... delete a hole and then you get the message. I go back to redefine the rounds or chamfers and remove the yellow ones and of course to delete the red ones because it causes the entire feature to fail, but can be easily recovered by removing the reds and adding the new refs to the feature list.

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