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Editing ASCII Font one and zero


Editing ASCII Font one and zero

Help needed Editing ASCII Fonts

Can anyone tell me how to edit an ASCII.SRC file so that the number one is not a straight vertical line and the zero has a slash through it? I need to distinguish between a number 1 and a letter "I", also zero and "O".

I do know that I will need to compile it for each major release of Creo. 😞

Doug P.



Using Creo Parametric M030 64bit, this is the solution to my issue. Thank you to everyone for the assistance.

  1. Created backups of the original ascii.src and ascii.fnt files

  2. Copied ascii.src from Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0\Common Files\M030\text\usascii to a working folder.

  3. Edited the ascii.src file using wordpad. See actual changes below.

  4. Copied compile_font.exe from Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0\Common Files\M030\x86e_win64\obj to the working folder.

  5. In a command window I compiled the ascii.src file. Note I did not change the name of the files. Compile_font.exe ascii.src ascii.fnt

  6. Replaced the old ascii.fnt file located in Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0\Common Files\M030\x86e_win64\text\usascii with the newly compiled one.

Here are the changes that I made to the ascii.src file before I recompiled it.

For the letter “I”

m 8, 16

d 8, 4

m 5, 4

d 11, 4

m 5, 16

d 11, 16

For the “ZERO” with a diagonal slash through it

m 13, 8

d 11, 5

d 9, 4

d 7, 4

d 5, 5

d 3, 8

d 3, 12

d 5, 15

d 7, 16

d 9, 16

d 11, 15

d 13, 12

d 13, 8

m 11, 15

d 5, 5

For the number “1”

m 8, 16

d 8, 4

m 8, 16

d 5, 14

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