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For a special application I need to save files without version number.

In other words, I'd like to save always overwriting the same file. (filename.prt - without .#)

Ex- PRT0001.prt instead of PRT0001.prt.1


There's no way to change that, that I'm aware of.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I am not sure if this helps you, but, given that you cannot do what you really want, what if the version number was always 1, that you can do. I use the spekan purge tool, & have it set to re-name the last version to 1.


Seems like you need a mapkey that does the save, runs a script to find anything new, deletes anything old that matches the base name of the new items, and then renames the new items to remove the suffix.

It does beg the question... if you have an xx.prt and an xx.prt.1, which does Creo open? I have tried doing this to manage library parts where the versioned file can be considered trash. In that case, a batch file can clean up the folders by deleting *.*.1, .2, .3 etc.

I think even purge avoids affecting these non-versioned files. I haven't tested this, but it is an interesting throught for formats, symbols, or even template section parts.


Antonius, surely Creo will always open higher indexed file, version without extension (though kind illegally stripped) will be considered the oldest one.

Btw, there is an option in FIle Open dialogue to see "All versions" for whatsoever curiosity, though it is strictly not recommended to use it in assembly mode to avoid de - synchronization between different components versions in same assembly.


- Vlad


I actually picked up the tip about stripping the file version from PTC.

If you look in your format folder, you will see that these don't have any file versions. It is a nice way to know what the master file really is in case of a errand save.

You will see the same on many of the PTC provided parts such as the demo parts in the MDO folders.

I am glad you can open previous version through the file open dialog.

I'll have to test it again, but if I recall correctly, purge bypasses non-versioned files... another level of protection when deploying this "illegal" act

I confirmed that non-versioned files are not purged with PTC's purge routine. Nice!

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