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Flat Belts


Flat Belts

Imagine I have a length of flat belt or tape, laying on a table, with one
end hanging over the edge of the table. On the other end of the tape stands
something: A mug of coffee, say.
In Pro/E, I want to grab the droopy end of the tape and pull it down towards
the floor and see the coffee move closer to the edge of the table.
Very simple in real life, but I can't think how to do it in Pro/E.
Any ideas?



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See the attached assembly file -- sorry I didn't add the coffee. The
models are in WF3 but I didn't do anything that couldn't be done in WF2.

If you can live with a segmented belt, this is a pretty elegant
solution. Just select the "drag hand" icon, select somewhere on the
belt and then move the cursor around. The Edit / Repeat command came in
very, very handy here.

If you need a smooth belt, you're going to be limited to a regenerated
solution. Open up "perimeter_example.prt", modify the surface feature
and change the 14 dimension to something smaller, say 4. Regenerate and
you'll see the "belt" move to maintain its length of 30. This uses the
sketcher's "edit/convert to/perimeter" capability -- very powerful and
once you understand it, quite handy.

Hope that helps.


Kevin Schoonover
PTC Channel Technical Manager
Western North America
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