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Football (soccer) designs?


Football (soccer) designs?

The FIFA FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 2010 is near and I have just been wondering if anyone of you has ever designed an item related to football? I know we have customers doing stadium seating and heavy-duty lawn mowers that are being used for professional lawncare in sports arenas...

So let's use this occasion to do a themed showcase and upload any related designs here




The World Cup is upon us and the first two matches have resulted in a draw?

But the question still remains, has anyone designed anything relating to the World Cup? This could be anything from footwear, uniforms, equipment, all the way to the actual medals.

I'd be thrilled if someone could even share a rendering of a soccer ball, or one step further, an animation of a somone scoring a goal.

There may be a reward to everyone that participates


So not exactly a football design per se, but legos are designed with Pro/ENGINEER. Here's a spoof on USA vs England's 1-1 tie. on Check out Francois' rendering (lego related) when you have a chance too

Here are a couple of soccer ball modeling approaches for you. The first is a flat-faced single part model created with Fill surfaces. One could also create such a truncated icosahedron by cutting a solid. Many ways to approach this. The second model is an assembly of pieces. They are actually shelled out to simulate the sewn patches of a real ball. (Could add holes for the threads I suppose, but that really would be gilding the lily.)


In both cases the modeling was facilitated greatly with patterns around one principle axis.



Just a little more on the assembly. All done with CSYS constraint; piece of cake.


Thanks David! Are you following the World Cup tournament? Is your team still in it?

Cool - the black and white ball reminds me of Tipp Kick - this is THE cult game to play for any soccer-lover here in Germany:

Thanks for posting your designs!

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Check out this video by Joe Varghese

Hi Everyone. It's my first reply to any post here. I had done the same but I used a totally different approach then you guys. I used no magic angle but natural abitlites of Creo Elements.


I created in Assembly.

I tried to explain everything in video too.

Well done! And congrats on your first post, it was a winner!

I grabbed the videos in case others want to watch your technique

Thanks I didn't knew if I can post youtube videos also. also tried smileys.


here is my 2nd design. A Volley Ball. It is assembly of cut section part. I tried to model this before also but always stumbled upon the geometry of stripes.. those should look straight lines when seeing from normal views. Finally solved the whole geometry first on paper and then applied some magical angles and did that finally

I will soon upload Video explaining the whole process.

This is an interesting challenge. There is not much information on how the three stripes are divided.

Okay, that was fun:


Creo 2.0 full version attached

And here is basket ball.


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