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Grease nipples


Grease nipples

Hi guys, does anyone have a link for free 3D downloads for grease nipples

I don't know if they have them listed, but you could try McMaster-Carr.
They have a LOT of components available in a variety of formats.


I do not know if this is what you are searching for, but Thomas net has this
listing of a company with CAD files for downloading:

Thanks Chris, but I was replying to Steve's inquiry about locating parts and
I pointed him towards McMaster-Carr. They have an excellent web site that
is VERY user friendly. More companies should take note of how McMaster does
their web pages. Very impressive.

I actually thought about pointing Steve to ThomasNet also, but my experience
going this route has always been one of endless searching and sniffing to
try to locate the part needed. It may available there, but it's too time
consuming for me. The VERY nice thing about McMaster's web site is the fact
that EVERY part listed has at least a shaded view or sketch available,
BEFORE you get too deep into looking for the wrong part. Also, they have
either a 2-D drawing or a 2-D and 3-D cad model available for almost
everything (parts like screws, fittings, clamps, pulleys etc...) - very
Not only that, they can sometimes deliver parts the same day you order them.

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