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How to creat a parts library in Pro-E WF-5...?


How to creat a parts library in Pro-E WF-5...?

Hi Dear...

Good Wishes....

I'm using Pro-E WF-5..

Some standard (model)components i'm using for various projects with out changing any dimensions....

so every time i'm taking back up to that different project folders...

because of this my disk space is very low now.

when assembling i want take from standard parts folder...

How to create a parts library in Pro-E WF-5...???


If you want to make your own library; the following steps may help you

1. keep all the library items in a specific folder

2. folder path should not contain any space (eg- C:\ptc\objlib\eng_part_lib) .dont make folders name having space (eg- C:\ptc\objlib\eng part lib)

3.Change your setting pro_library_dir

To change the config setting go to tools, options

options window will pop up

write pro_library_dir in the space in lower left window

use the browse option to locate your library folder (eg- C:\ptc\objlib\eng_part_lib)

press apply and close to save the setting.

before saving please check the proper location of

4. Now when you will go to pro-e window ; you will see a library icon at left side common folders . This is a short cut to find and use your Library parts

5. You can use items from library folder in your assembly.But when you open assembly; library parts may ask to be retrieved (parts missing)

6.Now to resolve this problem you need to make a search path file in notepad and save it as

To make a search path file open a new note pad

write the path of library folder as following

search_path c:\ptc\objlib\eng_part_lib\



You can write multiple folder locations in one search path file

save it as

7. Change your setting search_path_file ; in the same manner as you changed pro_library_dir earlier.

8. Browse the file location where you have kept the file

8. save and exit

9. Now your library items will be traced automatically from the library folder

I hope this may help you

Dear Sir...

Thanks Lot... it's very use full....

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