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How to create curve profile in proe


How to create curve profile in proe

Please refer imgae

I am always getting struck whenever i need to create a curve profile like the image attached

Please help me out & request you to create a 3d model and share , it would be better

And teach me the techniques that how to craete this kind of profile in future


Are you talking about creating the centerline through the curved slot on a drawing, or making the part itself?


Would you like to create sketch as displyed in image or part?

Part in image can be created by one sketch using Circles (+Trim) or Arcs (depends on individuals).


Reference part attached.

Thanks for your reply & your answer was helpful

still I have some doubts that how to determine the point (image attached).

I what basis we need to define the posiiton of the point ?Untitled_1.png

The beauty about rounds is that they define themselves. That is what the section solver is doing by making the two end of the R15 tangent.

Some will define parts like this without the round in the sketch and add them as a separate feature. There is no right way, it just depends on independent you like to define your features.

There are multiple ways of doing it.

Create circles tangent to each other in sketch.

Else create a fillet between two circles.



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