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IL8 - Agile Workflows


IL8 - Agile Workflows

Hi - I'm throwing out a question from that all too familiar place of ignorance...

Where does one start when tasked with setting up bi-directional workflows between Agile and IL8 M045? Is this a consultant thing, or are their modules that need to be purchased?

Would like to have Agile see revision and release level changes in IL, and IL see changes initiated in Agile.

Thanks in advance - will post relevant replies.


Terrence (Terry) McFall
CAD Systems Administrator

Varian Medical Systems
911 Hansen Way
Palo Alto, CA 94304
650-424-6039 desk
650-799-0179 cell


Terry, I am guessing this is a consultant thing since Agile is an Oracle
owned software and Intralink is PTC owned. The one company that I know of
that works on creating adapters between Agile and other databases is
Sierra Atlantic. You might want to contact them. The Sierra Atlantic
office location page is here:
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