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Justification for upgrading to Creo 1.0 from WF5


Justification for upgrading to Creo 1.0 from WF5

To All,

If anyone has recently upgraded to Creo 1.0, and was required to write a justification, could you please share some of the more compelling reasons that were deemed acceptable to the powers that be? We are just beginning to collect data to support our move. We had a demonstration from PTC (canned, of-course), and the User Group here was very impressed.

I'm sure Creo 1.0 has its own issues, so we would hold for Creo 2.0. I would appreciate any feedback, thanks!


Charlie Graham
CAD Administrator
Research & Development
Stryker Spine
2 Pearl Court
Allendale, NJ 07401
t. 201.760.8149
f. 201.760.8349
c. 201.694.1851


The only justification I used to move from Wildfire 5 to Creo 1.0 was that we hated WF5. The Ribbon UI in Drawing mode was different than the modeling UI which was different than the Sketcher UI and we just got tired of it. The Drawing mode in WF5 also forced you to do things we hated, such as having the correct active tab before you can interact with the content on the drawing itself.

Creo 1.0 fixed all of this and made it much easier to use and live with. I tested Creo 1.0 for about 2 months and found some small bugs that were not show stoppers, so we moved over.

There is one major issue that came up after the upgraded. The Creo Simulate Basic license allows for basic contact analysis. PTC accidentally moved the basic contact analysis to the Advanced Simulate and it no longer worked in the Basic Simulate. Build M030 is supposed to move the Basic Contact Analysis back into the Basic Simulate license.

We had to run evaluation versions of Advanced Simulate to hold us over until this happens. M030 should be out today, so I need to check.

We found small bugs here and there but this is expected with software. No show stoppers for us. It's important to evalutate Creo 1.0 with all the type of work you do as a company to make sure you don't find any major bugs that affect your operations.

We are loving Creo 1.0

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