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Mapkey Experts


Mapkey Experts

I am trying to create a map key that involves the "file open" dialog box
in the middle of a mapkey. The problem is that Pro/E records the name
of the file selected and just opens the same file everytime I run the
mapkey. If I delete the file name from the mapkey then Pro/E stops a
that point so I can select a different file but the mapkey does not
continue after that like it should.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this?


Thanks to everyone that has suggested using the "PAUSE" option in the
mapkey. I tried that but that still didn't get it either. When you run
the mapkey and click on resume it changes the window focus and that
messes up the rest of the mapkey.
Specifically I want the mapkey to do the following in an assembly:
* Insert -> Component -> Assemble ( I can do this just fine)
* Allow me to pick the component to assemble (This is where it
breaks down)
* Click on the separate component window that pops up and move it
to a different place on the screen (I can do this also, but not all of
it together in one mapkey)
If I use the pause option then when I hit resume the separate component
window pops behind the main window and the mapkey fails to move it as
Any other thoughts? Thanks!

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