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Material Properties...willing to share?


Material Properties...willing to share?

Anyone willing to share a Celcon M90, (acetal copolymer)material proerties? Running Creo2.

Thought I would ask before starting the long task of creating it myself.



Not sure if this is what you need. This is what I found in our materials folder.

I also curious to know if there's a website, where anyone can go and download material properties (that have been validated)?

I am willing to share all of material properties files, but I can't say that I have validated everyone. I seem to remember there was a post on this topic long ago. One of the things I am push here is making everyone select a material file when they create a start_model. My concern is what if the material they want to use in not in the library? They can assign any existing material and change it later on, but I have a feeling that I will get slammed with all the request for material properties later. Maybe this is the forum where we can post and request this community to share what they have on their system.


Calvin Ying

Hi All,

I did whine about this to my VAR after seeing what SWX comes with out of the
box (loads of material properties. Loads: )

She investigated the idea of downloading a materials library for Creo from
somewhere - or if PTC did/would/could provide something like that. The
answer came back that PTC will not provide any such thing for the users due
to a liability issue. Sounds like a decent cottage industry product. I'd
probably pay $50 or so for a well endowed materials database that I could
point Creo to.

It seems like the liability fear from a corporate level could be mitigated
with a clause in the EULA that we all sign when buying our licenses.



There are companies that provide verified solutions. Granta is one:

Christopher Rees - Mechanical Engineer - ISR Systems
100 Wooster Heights Rd, Dan...

Thanks guys.....

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