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Mechanica Analysis errors out.


Mechanica Analysis errors out.


I am trying to do an static analysis on a car frame. Here I took a screen shot of a test run I tried in mechanica. It consists of two tubes meeting at about 70 degrees. You can see the red blob of polynomials about 3/4 of the one up one of the tubes. I recieve an error:

"The model is insufficiently constrained for the analysis. Please review the element connections,
properties, and constraints in highlighted entities. If this is a modal analysis, then you may be
able to obtain a solution by requesting additional modes."

If anyone could tell me where to go from here that would be great. Thanks.


I usually confront this type of error when the material is not assigned to individual parts in an assembly.

If it is an asembly, please check if the individual components are assigned with proper material.

It sounds like your constraints are not valid. You should check all constraints maybe eliminate some then run to determine where the problem is. You could've specified a load in the wrong direction.

Check material properties for density, Young modulus, Poisson's ratio.

I had the exakt same problem, adding the Young modulus fixed it. I've at this for hours without finding a proper solution until i found your post. Many thanks!


I'm a student and not much experienced with creo professionally.

I have encountered the same problem.

I have tried changing material properties, material assignment, type of assembly (rigid from user defined) and Still getting this error.

Can anyone help me at this moment??

Thank you.


I am making assumptions as I can't see from the screenshot so this may or may not help ...

If this is a solid model

If hese are the only two constraints

If the constraints are point constraints

Then the model will spin around the axis formed by the straight line that passes through the points.

One cannot fully constrain all solid rotations by constraining one or two points.

Also, and again I can't tell from the screen shot, make sure you haven't constrained you skeleton datum curves rather than the end surfaces. It's the surfaces that are part of the structure.not the datum curves.



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