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Model Interrogation


Model Interrogation

1) How can i search a model to, for example, find all inside corners that are < .1875.

2) Is there a way to quickly find the Length, width, and height of a model without having to measure each one.

I have attached a screen shot showing where i am at to this point. Any feedback would be appreciated

Thank you



Try using ...

New Picture (1).bmp

in the Geometry collection box add your entire part that should tell you the minimum radius

Thanks for the quick reply Nick. Yes, this works to give me the absolute smallest (or biggest) radius.

I am trying to use this information to tell me what the smallest end mill will be. In my previous attachment the results i got are close but i need to be able to refine the search by using some size criteria but i am not sure what options to select.

my second question has to do with material take-offs. It would be nice when quoting a job or ordering the material to be able to click a button and get the envelope dims of the part. the closest thing i can see is the model size command button under the analysis menu. it looks like this just gives you the diagonal though???

i forgot to mention earlier i am using Creo 1.0


I just had an idea that might help your second question. Create a manufacturing file with the part in it then create an automatic work peice like this

New Picture (2).jpg

great thought - this is how i currently do this. works great but when quoting alot of parts it is a bit of a pain.

The only other thing I can think of to try would be to make a drawing and auto dimension it but that is a less than ieal way of doing it. Have you been onto Forms there are some really good people there.

no, i have not asked there yet. i will give that a try.

thanks for the direction

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