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Model Request


Model Request

Fellow Users.

Does anyone have a model of a spoon and fork they would be willing to share or know of where I can get said models? Does not have to be Pro/E, but obviously something I can import into Pro.


Jeff Horacek

Sr. Designer

STERIS Corporation

440-392-7721 Ph.

440-392-8954 Fax



I know this is quite a long shot but does anyone have a model of a
Triumph Stag door handle plate? or could anyone point me to somewhere to
get one?

Many thanks

Colin Down
Mechanical Design Engineer
email: -
tel: +44 1305 208503

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Hi Colin,

As a fan of Triumph, I know a Stag owner - would you be able to scan it? The other alternative is to look at Rimmer Bros. who are able to supply quite a few parts ( They have a chrome one for £45.00.



Rod Giles

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
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