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No more Pro/Engineer??? ;-(


No more Pro/Engineer??? ;-(

Just read this....
Effective October 28, 2010, PTC is rebranding the following existing
product families: Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate and ProductView. The new names
are set forth below. All of the current products, including modules and
packages, remain available under new brands and are excellent options for
customers and prospects looking to get on the path to Creo.
Pro/ENGINEER becomes Creo Elements/Pro™
CoCreate becomes Creo Elements/Direct™
ProductView becomes Creo Elements/View™
So, we're not working in Pro/E anymore?! It's Creo Elements/Pro????
I hope PTC knows what is doing.. I really enjoyed being a Pro/Engineer.
Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

It’s still ProENGINEER just a new name and a new UI.

Isn’t Creo the term for half French - half Black people living in Louisiana?

I want to be the half black part because I don’t want to be associated with Catia…

Isn’t Miss Creo also the name of that big Jamaican psychic lady?

Could be a reference to anticipating future needs while designing…

Isn’t the reason to change your name to cover up a shameful past?

Aren’t we all accessories to that shameful past? OMG it’s all our fault!!!

Thanks much,

Frederick Burke

23-Emerald II

You are reading it exactly right.  Change your resume today to avoid the rush.


Just think someone got a bonus because of this….. And it wasn’t me. I see PTC is wisely spending our maintenance dollars.

Remember when everyone jumped onto the i 2000i then i^2 even Autocad had an i version. All stemming from something apple i think pun intended. This must be PTC’s attempt to coin a new phrase like Just Creo it.

The bottom line is….All us users want is simplicity.. version 28 would be good by me. We have a user group meeting coming up next week and now all our advertising is ruined. We said we were going to show some WF6 features I guess I will need to send out an update and tell everyone we are now using Creo Elements.. Some smart a.. user will ask the question, Has Adobe gotten that good at 3D that Elements is replacing Pro/E. Heck why not.

It’s almost Friday.


Maybe CREO is an acronym… Is PTC facing foreclosure?

Might stand for CAD Real Estate Owned by the bank…

Alright, whoever comes up with the best acronym wins!

Thanks again,

Frederick Burke


This is good!


That is the winner I think

Steve Miller

Mechanical Design

Impulse Devices, Inc

(530)273-6500 Ext. 128

(530)273-6566 FAX

OK… Jeff is officially in the lead with “Committee for Recently Extinct Organisms”

He also gets bonus points for putting together such a professional looking website so quickly…

Very sweet!

Frederick Burke

CREO = Crap, Relegated (to) Engineering Obscurity

Referring, of course, to the Pro/Engineer brand 🙂

Don’t give up so easily… how about

Crushing Resumption of Employment Opportunities

Those HR folks were already having trouble figuring out that Wildfire and Pro/E were the same thing…

Best regards,

Frederick Burke

Couldn’t Really Engineer Originally
Cad Rarely Ever Outstanding
Can’t Really Explain Ourselves

Ok, that’s all I have.

Eric Hollick
CAD Designer

Marotta Controls, Inc.
78 Boonton Ave., P.O. Box 427
Montville, NJ 07045 USA
(P) +1.973.334.7800 x462
(F) +1.973.334.1219

Are there any posted photos of the new <strike>Pro/E</strike> Creo UI?


Come Running Every One



How about “Can’t Remember Every Option”?

Vinson A. Loos

Mechanical Engineering

DRS Tactical Systems - Melbourne, FL

(321) 727-3672 Ext. 3409


China's Reaping Every Outsourcee
Congratulations Ruining the Economy Obama

For the political angle

Company Revenue Extraction Operation

Jeff <><

Couldn't Resolve Everyone's Opinion?


I think Jeff's a winner with his "Company Revenue Extraction Operation" suggestion. I was thinking all along that Project Lightning was more like Project in our wallets.

by the way, kind of funny that a guy with the last name Cool works for Carrier

Can Rename Everything Obviously
Can Relicense Every Oaf
And Heppleman said it was a perfect name. PTC must not have any ex-users in their marketing department.
What happened to Lightening? The only thing wrong with that is it should have come before a “Wildfire”. 🐵

But on the serious side, if it can really do what they showed and said, I can see some benefits. My main concern will be with the $$$ associated to the different apps. Also, I’m disappointed in how long it is going to be before it is out.

If you normally wait six months after the first release before going to it, then no one will go to CREO 1.0 because 2.0 is supposed to be released before the waiting period.

Happy Thriday!


Brian Toussaint
CAD Administrator

Hoshizaki America, Inc.
“A Superior Degree Of Reliability”
618 Hwy. 74 S., Peachtree City, GA 30269

#3 is the best !

Has anyone here switched from Pro/E to NX? If PTC doesn't dramatically lower cost of history+direct then they are likely to lose us as a customer to Siemens. I should probably be asking this in an NX forum.

Cretins Repeatedly Engineering Ordure


dung; manure; excrement.


Chris - Sorry I changed the subject line to maybe get some other eyes
looking at this.

The real question is what will Creo cost. Will Pro/E or CoCreate users get
Creo Pro and Creo Direct as part of version Creo 1.0. If PTC only provides
one of them it will certainly make NX more interesting for some.

Great concept from PTC. Let's hope PTC crushes the (rightfully deserved)
pessimism as the details come out.

Tim McLellan
Mobius Innovation and Development, Inc.

Beside being just more "blah" from the "blah-blah-blah" machine, perhaps
. . . .

It started with the CEO;

Creating Revenue at Every Opportunity

then it's handed to the wordsmiths;

Conceited Rhetoric to Empower Ourselves

then it goes to development who are unknowingly;

Creating Really Exhausting Obstacles

then it ends with the users who live with;

Creativity Reduced to Explicative Obscenities



You win!

I officially withdraw from the competition. J

Jeff <><

Colvard Receives Extreme Ovation!!!!!

Cannot Resuscitate Existing Organization

I believe that "creo" is Spanish for "I believe"...

Apparently they forgot to propagate this belief to the users...

I think this is how cults start... Kool-Aid anyone?

Frederick Burke

Business Continuity with Creo: Learn more about it here.

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