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Old single line editor for changing text size on one line?


Old single line editor for changing text size on one line?

Hi Folks,
A question for all you mature users of ProE.
Back in the day there was only the ability to edit individual lines in a note (I think this was up until R200i but is was a such long time ago). At that time it was possible to individually set each line text height.

Now in WF2 the text editing is generally much easier as you can see all the lines in the one box however I can't find out how to individually set one line to a different text height (ProE Help hasn't). I know it should be possible as I can see a note made back in R16 that has 2.5mm tall heading text and 2.0mm body text. In WF2 this shows up with the old brackets and note number as shown below and if I use the "Existing Text/ Select Text" in the editor I can see the text as different sizes however I cannot figure out how to initiate the process in a new note.

Rest of the text

The obvious thing of trying to add the brackets does not work, the editor just strips them out. The EDITOR button on the right hand side shows the lines with the brackets but changing the height by just selecting one line affects all text. I seem to remember that when the text editing changed there was some discussion on this single line editing but I have not saved it in my archives.

I can have a completely separate note and control the text size that way but it is bugging me now that I can't find some old functionality.

Any help appreciated.

Regards, Brent Drysdale
Regards, Brent Drysdale
Mechanical Designer
Tait Electronics Ltd (
New Zealand
Ph. +64 3 358 1093
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I am able to select any line and individually change the text height or font by selecting the individual line. Upon first selection of the text the entire entity highlights. After that, however, an individual line will highlight and allow it to be changed individually. The resultant line of text will have it's {1:xxxx} assigned automatically by the software if you look at the whole paragraph in the editor.

A Note: You can also go in to the editor and add you own designation on individual words, etc IN a line (like {1:this} for example) allowing individual words, etc to be given a font or text height. The notation you add may be changed by the editor after it is added to make it "fit" with how the editor sees the split. So if you think about the "old" way, each line would be individually numbered ({0:, {1: ...) and individual "splits" on lines would be numbered from there even though the designation would not appear in the editor. Only the text you designate and or change will have a designation callout in the text.


I use several mapkeys that help me select exactly what I want to change without doing the mouse button shuffel:

MT (Modify Text) will sellect any single line of text & open up the old one line text editor.

mapkey mt @MAPKEY_LABELMod Text line;#MODIFY;#TEXT;

MS (Modify Style) will let you select individual portions of text ({1:text}) and change the style. Supports using the control key to pick multiple items.

mapkey ms @MAPKEY_LABELMod text Style;#MODIFY;#TEXT;#TEXT STYLE;

MV (Modify Value) will let you pick parameters buried in notes, symbols, formats, etc.

mapkey mv @MAPKEY_NAMEEdit parameter value (Drawings);\
mapkey(continued) @MAPKEY_LABELModify Value;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `ProCmdObjActUI.dwg_sr`0 ;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Select `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`1 `Edit`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `MenuBar1`;\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `Edit.psh_dwg_value`;

DA (DAte) will change ANY test string to todays date so be careful what you pick!

mapkey da @MAPKEY_NAMEModify text string in drawing to todays date;\
mapkey(continued) @MAPKEY_LABELDate;%mt;@PAUSE_FOR_SCREEN_PICK;{1:&todays_date};\
mapkey(continued) ~ Activate `main_dlg_cur` `ProCmdObjActUI.dwg_sr`0;

Hope you find these useful.

Does anyone know where I can find a ttf font of a "digital" style?


Thanks for everyone's help with the font issue. The ds-digi.ttf file
provided by John McClelland worked perfectly.
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