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PDMLink error


PDMLink error

When we try to "upload" files we get the following error:
"There is no Cache designated vault or active folder for Cache designated vault on Local Master Site."
Does anone know what this error is and how to solve it? We have retarted the server with no change in behavior.

John M. Scranton
Senior Designer
Ultra USSI
4578 E. Park 30 Dr.
Columbia City, IN 46725-8869
*Voice: 260.248.3576
*Fax; 260.248.3509


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Check your “unfilled” file vaults for Read only status.

Pro/E - PDMLink Users,

Have you ever encountered an error similar to this?

:"Attribute MODEL_CHECK cannot be propagated to MC-TEST1-XXX. Modifications made to this attribute in the PDM system will be ignored"

This problem is occurring on a family table drawing. I am trying to figure out how to consistently duplicate the problem, and eventually figure out a way to prevent it from happening.

We are using Wildfire 4.0 M210 with Windchill PDMLink 9.1 M060.


Brian Morales
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM
Organization 2997 Mail Stop 0648
Phone 505-844-5762

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