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Presentation quality image creation

5-Regular Member

Presentation quality image creation

I'm curious if anyone would be willing to share tips for image creation
(such as for Power Point presentations). I currently set my model shading
quality to 10, shade small surfaces, change my background to white, and use
the TIFF (snapshot) save option to capture the screen. Later I convert to
JPEG to reduce the file size.

Anyone have a better way? This method works fine for me but I'm curious if
there is a better way.


Mike Phillips
Product Designer
The Trane Company
Tyler, TX 75707
P: 903.581.3348
F: 903.581.9114

Mike, what is "better" is in the eye of the beholder, and depends on your
audience too. For "quick and dirty" what you are doing (making clean-looking
screenshots) is tough to beat. Otherwise you can get good at using Pro's
Photorender tools. The primary benefit is more realism (shadow and
environment mapping, textures/decals, views in perspective, no "jaggies",
more lighting options, etc.). But it can be a more time-consuming process.

And Photorender doesn't like to render to a white background. One workaround
is to remove/replace the background in Photoshop. Another is to create a
room envrionment with white walls. If you have the patience and desire, you
can get very good results even with Photorender.

The next rung on the rendering ladder would be using ARX/Photolux. After
that, it's professional standalone raytracers and animation suites...


(Did I mention the need for patience?) <http:"/>

Hi all,

I got my hands on ARX there recently and was quite impressed. Here are a few
links to some forums to take a look at the quality.
<http:" proe=" forum=" forum_posts.asp?tid="27756&amp;TPN=1">
&TPN=1 the first few images here I achieved with only a few hours work
having never used ARX before.
<http:" proe=" forum=" forum_posts.asp?tid="28300&amp;TPN=1">
&TPN=1 this is a showcase of some more work by various people.

I think you can learn quite a bit with these!

Let me know if I can be of any more help..


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